Concerned by the lack of information available to Swiss voters on this option in the run-up to a referendum on a second road tunnel, which will take place early next year, the group has produced figures based on government data to show that the rail shuttle is feasible. The cost of establishing a shuttle, including rolling stock and facilities, is estimated ataround SFr 1bn ($US 1bn), or roughly a third of the SFr 2.8bn pricetag for the construction of a new road tunnel and refurbishment of the existing one.

According to the projections, the shuttle service through the Gotthard Base Tunnel, which is due to open next year, would comprise six trains an hour carrying a maximum of 31,000 cars a day. The maximum number of cars using the current road tunnel is around 24,000 vehicles per day.

Separate shuttles for transit and local lorry traffic would accommodate around 3300 units per day (currently the maximum by road is 3100).

Based on this option, renovation of the existing road tunnel could be completed within 10 years, but this could take up to 20 years if a second road tunnel is built.