The first trains will be introduced when Abellio takes over the concession in June 2019 and the remainder of the fleet is due to enter service by June 2020. The trains will be assembled at Bombardier's Henningsdorf plant, with the company's Siegen facility supplying bogies.

The order comprises 24 three-car trains, which will seat 163 passengers, and 19 five-car sets seating 273. Each train will accommodate 24 or 39 bicycles depending on the formation.

Abellio was selected by Baden-Württemberg's Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure last November for the Network 1a contract, which covers the operation of 6.8 million train-km per year on three routes:

  • Stuttgart - Mühlacker - Bruchsal/Pforzheim
  • Stuttgart - Heilbronn - Mannheim/Osterburken, and
  • Stuttgart - Plochingen - Tübingen

The Lot 1b and 1c contracts were awarded to Go-Ahead, which has ordered 45 Flirt EMUs from Stadler.