The new design was shown to Mr Valérie Pécresse, president of Ile-de-France regional council and president of Ile-de-France Transport Authority (Stif), Ms Elisabeth Borne, CEO of RATP, and Mr Philippe Yvin, chair of Société du Grand Paris (SGP).

Alstom awarded a €2bn 15-year framework contract by RATP last year for up to 217 MP14 trains. The first confirmed order within the contract is for 35 trains worth €520m funded entirely by Stif. These are for Line 14 which is being extended 5.8km north from St Lazare to Mairie de Saint Ouen. The new eight-car trains will replace the existing six-car fleet increasing capacity from 30,000 to 35,000 passengers per hour. The MP14 trains will then enter service on lines 4, 11 and 14 when the latter is extended south via Villejuif to Orly Airport at which time it will become part of the Grand Paris express metro network.

The design of the MP14 trains is the result of collaboration between Stif, RATP and SGP. The train will have streamlined contours, and the exterior design will be consistent with that of the platform screen doors at stations. Internally, the trains will have what Alstom describes as vast reception areas to improve access and boomerang-shaped seats to increase capacity for standing passengers. The air-conditioned trains will be fitted with LED lighting and a video-protection and dynamic information system.

The MP14 will have an entirely electrical braking system to recuperate energy and feed it back into the network as electricity. Electrical braking will limit the emission of fine particles caused by mechanical braking systems. Alstom says this system should reduce the energy consumption of the trains and air pollution by up to 20% compared with the MP05 rubber-tyred trains currently operating on the Paris metro.