The first firm order under the deal is for 35 eight-car trains for metro Line 14 worth €518m and funded entirely by Stif. These trains will replace six-car sets operating on Line 14 which is being extended to Marie de Saint-Ouen by 2021. The introduction of longer trains will increase the line's capacity to between 30,000 and 35,000 passengers per hour.

This will be followed by a second order for up to 37 eight-car trains to cater for extensions to Line 14 south to Orly Airport and north to Saint Denis Pleyel, which will partly integrate this line with new Grand Paris Express network.

Further trains will be needed for extensions to lines 1, 4 and 11 as well for Line 6 and the new Grand Paris rail network.

The MP 14 trains will have ergonomic seating, LED lighting, an on-board information system including inductive loops for the hard of hearing, and CCTV. They will have 100% electric braking to recover energy and feed it back into the network which should cut energy consumption by up to 20%.