The subsidiary is responsible for maintenance activities such as defect repair, heavy maintenance, freight wagon manufacturing and rolling stock lifecycle management. VR says the goal for the new company is to increase the competitiveness of VR’s maintenance offer to improve competitiveness when bidding for contracts in neighbouring states and in other industries. Establishment of the company is in line with the group strategy and plans for market opening adopted in June.

“The incorporation of maintenance activities enables the creation of a completely new market in Finland and abroad,” says Mr Rolf Jansson, CEO of VR Group. “In addition, VR Group is able to focus even more on improving the customer experience of passenger and freight traffic.”

Mr Kimmo Soini has been appointed maintenance manager and will lead the new company. He says the prospects for the rail maintenance market are good. “We believe we are competitive in this market and are able to utilise the operational experience we have gained,” he says. “The incorporation also opens up new opportunities for us to develop and expand our current operations.”