WABTEC has been awarded a contract by Stadler to supply passenger information systems and a new design of pantograph for 246 CityLink tram-trains as part of the German Transport Association’s (VDV) tram-train procurement project led jointly by six German and Austrian operators. The contract is for 10 years and includes an option to supply the equipment for another 258 vehicles.

Wabtec says its advanced passenger information system will change the way passengers receive real-time information. It will provide external front and side displays using LED technology, enabling passengers to have a better view of information including station names and line numbers. Each tram-train will be fitted with slim ceiling-mounted iSmart displays based on TFT technology to provide passengers with route and stop information. The system will also allow operators to display advertisements.

The displays and audio systems will have car-based audio amplifiers and connecting microphones and loudspeakers. The system will include emergency call units so that passengers can communicate with the driver or control centre.

The new design of pantograph will be compatible with both light rail and mainline operations and will comply with the EN50206-1 standard. “This enables seamless current collection to combine the flexibility of a tram with the long-distance ability of a suburban train,” Wabtec says.

“The VDV tram-train project was developed as a joint procurement exercise to provide new rolling stock for German and Austrian operators on a standardised basis to reduce costs,” Wabtec explains. “Wabtec will work to seven slightly different sub-project briefs featuring differences such as boarding height.”