Captrain France accounts for a 12% share of the French rail freight market, operating 1500 trains a month and reporting annual volumes of 4 billion tonne-km. Existing Captrain subsidiaries located in Spain, Benelux, Germany, Poland and Italy hauled 17 billion tonne-km in 2019.

As well as hauling long-distance freight trains, Captrain France offers last-mile services including within industrial premises, which represents 75% of its activities. The company also maintains industrial sidings for customers under 23 current contracts, and competes to provide traction for track maintenance and renewal. Captrain France already operates into Germany and expansion of international operations is a key objective for the rebranded company.

VFLI was created in 1998 in order to take over operation of local railways and industrial branches, starting mainline freight operation in 2007.

Captrain France’s fleet of 120 mainline and 60 last-mile locomotives will be updated in the company’s green livery. Delivery of Euro 4001 diesel locomotives on order from Stadler’s Valencia plant is due to begin soon.