THE Deutschlandticket, offering unlimited travel on public transport across Germany for €49 a month, went on sale on April 4 and will be valid for travel from May 1.

The nationwide e-ticket will be valid for travel on public transport including metro, light rail and S-Bahn services, and in second class on regional rail services.

It is not valid for travel on long-distance trains operated by German Rail (DB) nor on the open-access services of private operators such as FlixTrain.

The Deutschlandticket has been introduced following approval of the necessary legislation by the Bundesrat representing Germany’s 16 federal states on March 31.

Initial forecasts by the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV) suggest that around 11 million of the 12 to 14 million holders of public transport season tickets will switch to the Deutschlandticket.

VDV also forecasts that the new ticket has the potential to attract 5.6 million new customers, and is hoping for significant growth in the travel to work market.

As part of employee renumeration packages, employers pay a minimum contribution of 25% of the cost of the Deutschlandticket, enabling employees to purchase it for €34.30 a month.

“We hope that this will give us a real boost in tickets for travel to work, which are already among the best-selling public transport season tickets,” says VDV president, Mr Ingo Wortmann.

“Employees are increasingly demanding climate-friendly mobility offers from their companies. With the new travel to work ticket offer as part of the Deutschlandticket, we are providing a strong impetus for this.”

All holders of DB season tickets for regional travel have been invited to switch to the Deutschlandticket, and DB says that around 75% of season ticket holders will make savings by moving to the new ticket.

The Deutschlandticket can be purchased on the DB Navigator app, online at and in person at all DB travel centres.

DB’s BahnCard 100 will also be valid as a Deutschlandticket from May 1, at no extra cost to the over 46,000 holders of this product which offers unlimited travel on long-distance services for a year at a cost of €4339, or €402 a month in second class.

“Bus and train travel has never been so easy and cheap as with the Deutschlandticket,” says DB board member for regional transport, Ms Evelyn Palla.

“The ticket finally puts an end to the fares jungle in local transport. Above all, our customers save money: we take them back and forth across the country for a month - and that for the price of half a tank of fuel in a private car. This is an incentive to travel in a climate-friendly and uncomplicated manner."