The Alliance of New Rail Operators (Allrail) has been founded by the European Rail Freight Association (Erfa), which represents 30 rail freight operators, and non-incumbent players in the passenger market, including Leo Express, MTR Express, Westbahn, NTV, Regiojet, and Trainline.

Westbahn CEO Mr Erich Forster has been elected Allrail CEO, while Lord Tony Berkeley has been appointed vice-president. Leo Express CEO Mr Peter Koehler, head of European affairs for Trainline Mr Nick Brooks, and Mr François Coart, Erfa board director, have been elected as Allrail board directors.

Allrail says key topics for the new organisation include full opening of rail markets in all EU member states, non-discriminatory access and financing of rolling stock, competitive track access charges, and an open-data approach.

The alliance’s membership is expected to grow further over the next few months.