Phase 1 of the north-south Line 7 runs for 30.9km from Garden Expo North to Yehzi Lake 30.9km serving 19 stations, including five interchanges with other metro lines. The journey time between the two termini is 46 minutes.

Construction began on the Yuan 32.1bn ($US 4.7bn) project in December 2013 and Line 7 is the fourth metro line in Wuhan to include a crossing of the Yangtze River, after lines 2, 4, and 8.

Services are operated by a fleet of 40 eight-car Type A metro trains supplied by CRRC. Each train is formed of six powered and two unpowered vehicles and accommodates up to 2528 passengers.

Trial operation is expected to begin on the 16.9km second phase from Yehzi Lake to Qinglongshan at the end of the year.

The 19.1km first phase of Line 11 links Optics Valley main line station with Zuoling in the east of the city, serving 13 stations. The second phase will extend the line west to an interchange with main line services and metro Line 7 at Wuchang.

Last December Wuhan added 55km to its network in a single day.

The new lines and extensions are part of the Wuhan Rail Transit 2013-2020 Plan, which involves the construction of 77.2km of new lines, taking the network to 291km.