ROLLING stock manufacturer Talgo informed its customer Renfe on May 24 that it hopes to provide the Spanish national operator with the first of 30 Avril high-speed trains ready for commercial service in November.

Talgo says that this delivery schedule is still dependent on other parties involved in the approvals process meeting the completion dates that they have provided to the manufacturer.

This would enable the Avril high-speed train fleet, which will be operated by Renfe as the series 106, to enter service in stages from November.

According to the manufacturer, the approvals process for any new train is a complex task, and is especially challenging in the case of the new Avril design that incorporates much new technology.

Talgo says Avril is “a completely new train” from the technical standpoint, capable of operating at up to 360km/h on both 1435mm and 1668mm gauge. Half of the new Renfe fleet will be capable of operating on both gauges.

Its flexible design enables onboard equipment to be installed according to the operator’s requirements. Avril will be capable of operating on networks outside Spain, and Talgo has been seeking approval for 10 of the new Renfe fleet to operate in France.

Thanks to its high capacity and low overall weight, Avril consumes less power which helps to both improve operational efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

Avril has two power cars and 12 coaches, each train being 200m long. Thanks to the low floor height that they share with other Talgo designs, the coaches offer level boarding from station platforms as well as a completely step-free interior, facilitating movement for all passengers including those with reduced mobility or travelling with pushchairs, bulky luggage or bicycles.

During the approvals and acceptance process that requires over 30,000km of test running, an Avril train set a new speed record for Iberian 1668mm gauge, reaching 360km/h between Ourense and Santiago de Compostela on September 7 2022.

On May 31 2021 an Avril train achieved a top speed of 363km/h on the 1435mm-gauge Venta de Baños - Burgos high-speed line before it opened to traffic.

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