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September 22, 2014 |

Next stop Berlin - IRJ's full InnoTrans preview

It's September in an even-numbered year, which means only one thing for the railway industry: InnoTrans. Kevin Smith presents IRJ's comprehensive preview of the biggest railway show on earth, which is set to return to Messe Berlin from September 23-26.

Get the latest news from InnoTrans as it unfolds with IRJ

INTERNATIONAL Railway Journal's (Hall 6.2, stand 101) team of journalists will have their finger on the pulse of the world's largest railway exhibition, reporting on the major events and product launches at the show while speaking with the key decision makers about the latest developments in the industry.
Readers will be able to keep up with the very latest InnoTrans news at and through Twitter @railjournal, while each of IRJ's three special InnoTrans special issues, along with sister publications Railway Age and Railway Track and Structures, will be distributed from our stand. Visitors to IRJ's exhibit will also be able to explore and discuss our range of products and services, including Global Rail Tenders.
Editor-in-chief David Briginshaw, associate editor Keith Barrow, features editor Kevin Smith and Italian regional editor Marco Chiandoni will be reporting live from InnoTrans. Also on the stand will be president and chairman of Simmons Boardman Publishing Corporation Arthur J McGinnis Jr, Rail Group publisher Jonathan Chalon, and production assistant Sue Morant.
IRJ's sales team will be represented by international sales managers Louise Cooper, Steve Barnes and Julie Richardson, plus Fabio Potesta and Elda Guidi from Italy, who will be available throughout the four days to discuss commercial opportunities. We all look forward to meeting you in Berlin and welcoming you to our stand.

BY September 23 all the months of preparation will be complete, the new vehicles will be in position, and most of Berlin's hotels will be full as the railway world gears up for four days of discovery, networking and, hopefully, success.
More than 100,000 people are expected at Messe Berlin for the 10th edition of InnoTrans, the world's largest railway exhibition, which is again set to break records. For the first time all of the exhibition centre's 40 halls, and the new CityCube, are fully booked as more than 2700 exhibitors from 51 countries take part.
Messe Berlin says that international participation at the show is up on previous events; nearly 60% of exhibitors are from outside of Germany, while 17% are from outside of Europe. Participants from Asia have increased by 34% and North America by 45% compared with 2012. Companies from South America will also occupy 70% more floor space than previously. And with 3500m of track packed with new trains, locomotives, passenger coaches, wagons and track machines, the outside display areas will host many of the highlights of the show and will again draw large crowds.
Navigating such a large event is a major challenge for even the most experienced visitor. But fear not. IRJ has once again compiled an extensive preview of the must-see exhibitors and some of the key new products and innovations set to be launched at the show in our traditional event preview.
Enjoy the show!

A new class of heavy-haul compact tapered rolling bearing unit is the standout exhibit for SKF (Hall 22a, stand 606). The bearing is suitable for freight wagons with a 45-tonne axleload. SKF will also showcase a new generation of tapered roller bearings for EMUs, DMUs and passenger coaches as well as its monitoring, and lubrication solutions.

The highlight exhibit for Škoda (Hall 1.2, stand 101) is a 1:24 model of its 109E locomotive (pictured) for German Rail (DB) (CityCube Hall B, stand 413), six of which are due to enter operation with double-deck coaches on Nuremberg - Ingolstadt - Munich services from the end of 2016. Outside it will display a ForCity LRV for Konya (Track FA/15) and a RegioPanther EMU (Track G5/20) for Czech Railways (CD).

NEM Solutions (Hall 21a, stand 505) will showcase its Aura Desk workstation, which is designed to manage operations and maintenance activities and provide real-time comparisons between different fleets.

Tata Steel (Hall 26, stand 309) will show its latest rail innovations, including its stress-free heat treated rail, multi-life grooved rail, a new steel specifically for urban environments which offers increased wear-resistance and is weld-reparable in track. The company will also exhibit SilentTrack, its tuned rail dampener system which offers a 3-6dB noise reduction compared with similar products.

Huawei (Hall 4.1, stand 207) is set to launch a new product at the show which it has developed in collaboration with Funkwerk (Hall 4.1, stand 303). The company will also showcase its GSM-R, eLTE, cloud c­­omputing, and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) technology. Delegates visiting Finnish company Mipro's, (Hall 4.2, stand 205) exhibit can view the company's SIL4 interlocking system which is being installed as part of the Kokkola - Ylivieska upgrade project, and its MiSO CTC solution which is being used in the project to modernise train control in western Finland.

Products and services for track structures will be displayed by Elektro-Thermit and parent company Goldschmidt Thermit (Hall 25, stand 325, track FA/19) including the group's Railstraight solution (pictured), an updated electronic measuring device to inspect longitudinal profiles, which features Bluetooth operation from Android devices, and automatic calibration at 30-second intervals. The company will also present its Railstraight App which enables Android devices to control Railstraight precision measurement devices and measure rail temperature. In addition, Elektro-Thermit will present its SmartWeldSpark solution, which replaces traditional ignition rods.

Parker Hannifin (Hall 10.2, stand 208) will display its latest piping and tube solutions, including E0-3, a new fitting system for hose and tube applications, its 681DB, 441RH and 421RH hoses, as well as complete piping solutions. The company will also show its Monoclone filter, which is suitable for environments featuring extreme dust concentration, and its pre-filtration systems.

Hacon (Hall 4.1, stand 405) will showcase its timetable application platform Hafas and its use in wearable devices such as smartwatches as well as future integration with Apple iOS 8 and the Android Holo interface. The company will also show its latest train planning systems.

Robel, Germany, (Hall 26, stand 234) is focusing its exhibit on handheld machines and equipment, including its 62.05 Vertical Tamper, which is available in petrol and electric versions. The company will also present battery solutions for its products, including the 30.20 Rechargeable Impact Wrench, and the 10.20 Rechargeable Rail Drilling Machine, which it says are ideally suited for work in tunnels, underground and in urban environments due to lower noise emissions.

Solutions for reliable monitoring and ergonomic control of substations and tunnel infrastructure are the major exhibits for Copa-Data¸Britain, (Hall 6.2, stand 302). Delegates will be able to view a demonstration of the company's Zenon Scada software and its IEC 61131-3-based platform-independent Straton PLC system.

ABB, Switzerland (Hall 9, stand 204) will launch its Enviline ESS 750V braking energy storage system during the show which can store energy to a dc traction unit when required, or feed energy back to an ac network, thereby reducing total consumption. ESS can also be fitted with supercapacitors to store energy for high-intensity applications or for batteries.

Mitsubishi Electric, Japan, (Hall 7.2, stand 100) will show its new Doppler radar speed sensor technology, which measures the relative velocity between the train and the ground without using axle rotation-based detectors, and is suitable for high-speed and conventional rail applications.

Moxa (Hall 4.1, stand 312) will present several new technologies during the show, including its Dynamic Ring Coupling, which quickly and automatically configures onboard ethernet switches during splitting and coupling of trains. The system also guarantees that services provided by an ethernet network such as CCTV, Wi-Fi, passenger information and public announcement systems are not disrupted during coupling and uncoupling.

TET Estel, Estonia, (Hall 11.1, stand 202) will show its battery charger E-BCM, which converts the input voltage into the dc output voltage required for a train battery, and is suitable for use with all general input voltages and battery systems. It will also display its auxiliary power converter, APC-10-1.5k, and traction transformer solutions.

The centrepiece of the Linsinger exhibit (Track F1/14) will be the Austrian company's SF02T-FS milling machine which it is delivering to MTR in Hong Kong. The milling train is designed to operate in limited clearances with a minimum curve radius of 50m, and like other Linsinger machines is able to reprofile the rail in one working pass to a depth range of 0.1-1.5mm on the running surface, and 3mm on the gauge corner.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Japan, (Hall 4.2b, stand 109) will show a prototype of its next-generation bogie, efWing, the main structure of which is manufactured from carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP), which according to Kawasaki is a first for the railway industry. The use of CFRP means that efWing weighs 40% less than conventional bogies while it utilises a simplified structure by integrating coil springs within the bogie frame. The arch-shaped frame suspension system stabilises the force of each wheel on the rail, improving passenger comfort and enhancing protection against derailment.

SHC Heavy Industries, Korea, (CityCube Hall A, stand 305) will display its latest solutions for roll forming and welding for freight wagon underframes, and steel fabricated roof and wall assembly for coaches.

The European Railway Agency (ERA) (Hall 4.2, stand 301) will host several roundtable discussions across the four days of InnoTrans at its stand as well as at speakers' corner and the ERA Career Point (Hall 7.1c, stand 201c). In response to new European legislation on fire safety in train interiors, Sabic (Hall 5.1, stand 107) is expanding its portfolio by adding three Lexan protective coating sheet products which will be on display: the anti-graffiti Lexan KH6500 sheet, which offers improved resistance to graffiti-cleaning agents, the Lexan H6500 sheet and Lexan H6200 sheets for interior applications including sidewalls, tables and seating.

Mayser Safety Technology (Hall 3.1, stand 517) will present its range of safety systems for vehicle doors, with a focus on its non-touch detection system. The system utilises sensors which halt the movement of the door in the event of a passenger or object triggering the sensor's active zone. The system is not susceptible to unwanted detection caused by rain or snow, leaves, extraneous light or dust.

Lütze (Hall 6.2, stand 202) will showcase its remote input/output (I/O) system Lion, which distributes control signals from a main controller throughout a vehicle, while collecting digital and analogue data which it submits back to the main controller. As a scalable SIL2 I/O system, Lion provides a single connection or the combination of various safe and non-safe modules depending on the application, including bus couplers, line couplers and digital and analogue I/O modules.

Solaris, Poland, (CityCube Hall A, stand 301) will display its Tramino low-floor LRV for Braunschweig (Track FA/16). The 35.7m-long, four-section vehicle has capacity for 211 passengers, including 87 seated, and is fitted with five 90kW asynchronous traction motors and supercapacitors for energy storage. Each of the vehicle's four sections is centrally mounted on a single bogie, which has been adapted for operation on Braunschweig's 1100mm-gauge network.

Symantec, Switzerland, (Hall 6.2, stand 508) is showcasing its Smartio remote input/output system, which the company says is intended to reduce hardware costs for users and reduce the space taken up by wiring. Smartio is suitable for installation as a single application in the driver's cab, or throughout the train, and can support various network types. It is also suitable for new and retrofit projects.

JEZ, Spain, (Hall 21, stand 102) will present two new innovations for turnouts. Both the new switch device and swing nose crossing do not require lubrication and are not impacted by extreme weather. The point features a vertical stretcher bar and clamps, reducing the footprint, while the sliding brackets allow a relative movement of 45mm in either direction between the tongue and stock rail. The company will also showcase its vertical clamp lock for high-performance turnouts which is suitable for use with any type of switch motor or turnout.

Lawo, Mobitec and Focon, all sister companies of Luminator Technology Group, Germany, (Hall 2.1, stand 305) are set to display their passenger information system solutions. Among the products displayed by Lawo and Mobitec are its TFT screens which are only 18mm deep and are available in a 21.5" double version (pictured). In addition, the companies will display ProSys, an onboard computer system which unites various onboard systems such as displays, communication gateway, and wireless technology.

Japanese companies are again set to take an entire hall, with the Japanese Overseas Rolling Stock Association (Jorsa) (Hall 7.2a, stand 100) hosting various Japanese companies including Nabtesco, which will show its Rack Star Eco Plug door solution and N-IEPV brake control unit, and Toyo Denki Seizo, which will exhibit its electrical component technologies. In addition the pavilion will host Tokyo Metro and the Railway Technical Research Institute. Jorsa will also hold a series of presentations highlighting the latest innovations and technologies from Japan, and on Wednesday September 24 it will lead a reception for Japan Day, giving delegates the opportunity to experience and enjoy Japanese culture and food.

Toshiba (Hall 3.2, stand 108) will present a range of solutions designed to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions. These include its station energy management system which utilises a system of storage devices and inverters, a solid insulating switchgear solution for an ac feeding system, and customisable two-way traction converters for EMUs. The company will also display its high capacity permanent magnet synchronous motors installed on Tokyo Metro's 16000 series cars, and Panoramic Sight, a wide-screen display for passenger information.

Making its InnoTrans debut, ZTR, United States, (Hall 6.2, stand 509) will showcase a number of new products, including its SmartStart IIe Start-Stop system, which it says can be fitted to most locomotives - from relay logic to microprocessor - regardless of manufacturer, model, age or usage. The system is designed to reduce fuel consumption during idling and has been in use with North American railways for 20 years. The system was also recently approved for sale in Europe.

The US Pavilion (Hall 22, stand 310) will host the Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association (Remsa), the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association (Arema), the Railway Supply Institute (RSI), Transportation Technology Center Inc (TTCI), Railway Interchange, and several US equipment suppliers including g Georgetown Rail Equipment, KLD Labs, Loram, Nordco, Snake Tray, and Transcore.

Frauscher (Hall 25, stand 229) will launch a number of new products at the show, including the RSR 110 wheel sensor and the Frauscher Advanced Counter R2, which is an update to its existing axle counting system and is compatible with a variety of networks. The Frauscher Safe Ethernet (FSE) software for axle counting and wheel detection is targeted at system integrators without their own software platform, and a simulator will be available for visitors to experience the system firsthand.

The Spanish Railway Association (Mafex) (Hall 22, stand 704) will host 53 Spanish companies and will promote the various companies expertise in collaboration with ICEX Spanish Export and Investment. Spanish companies recorded €2.3bn in exports in 2013 and the companies will highlight their expertise in areas including high-speed development, automated metros, and ERTMS and ETCS.

Hitachi Appliances, Japan, (Hall 3.1, stand 508) will be promoting its horizontal scroll compressor for air-conditioning systems. The compact design, in particular the HVAC, makes the compressor ideal for use in metro and light rail projects where space is limited. The horizontal scroll compressor also weighs less than conventional compressors, which helps to reduce energy consumption.

Rolls-Royce Power Systems subsidiary, MTU (Hall 18, stand 301) will be celebrating 90 years of service to the rail industry by showing one of its oldest products, a Maybach GO5 engine, as well one of its newest. The latter is a diesel-electric power-pack (pictured) based on an MTU 12V 1600 R80L engine generating 700kW which will drive the bi-mode Intercity Express Programme (IEP) trains being built by Agility Trains for Britain.

Two new rail types which were recently approved for use in Russia are the highlight exhibits for Evraz (Hall 26, stand 304). Its head-hardened DT350 rails are suitable for use on high-speed and mixed traffic lines, while the DT370 rails, which tests have shown have a 30-40% wear resistance compared with standards rails, are suitable for deployment in curves with a radius of 300-350m, or on inclines. The new rails are available in lengths ranging from 18 to 100m.

NewTec, Germany, (Hall 6.1, stand 106) will launch its train real-time data protocol (TRDP) test system, NTOnTrack. The system will be demonstrated using a TRDP-controlled model train and is configurable for complete component/certification tests, as well as tests to accompany development work or long-term testing. It also offers a high abstraction level as well as conformity tests in the form of automatic testing procedures and automatically-generated test reports.

The Plasser & Theurer (Hall 26, stand 222) exhibit will focus on its 30 years of continuous-action-tamping, highlighting the latest machine in this range, the Unimat 09-4x4/4S. Delegates can also view new material transport solutions, including the MFS 120 material conveyor and hopper units, and learn about the company's worldwide technical service offerings, including training services and customised service contracts. Outside it will present the GMTZ self-propelled track recording vehicle for DB Networks (Track FC/10).

Among the highlight exhibits for Harting, Germany, (Hall 12, stand 212) are its new Han M Plus family of connectors, which are resilient in extreme environments. The connector features an additional outer skin made of polyurethane, which protects it against high mechanical loads resulting from impact or shocks during assembly, or flying ballast.

Eltherm, Germany, (Hall 25, stand 106) will demonstrate its El-Rail and El-Point electrical railway heating solutions, with a focus on the energy-saving features of the devices and the reduced equipment required for installation.

Bega Special Tools, Netherlands, (Hall 20, stand 307) will demonstrate its Betex MF Quick Heater, an air-cooled middle frequency heater which is designed to improve the efficiency of dismounting and mounting tasks with items such as bearings, bearing rings, couplings, gears and wheels. The company will also show an upgrade to the product, a 44kW generator, and flexible coil inductors, which it says offer improved heating solutions for varying diameters.

NextSense, Austria, (Hall 23, stand 510) will highlight its Diris 3D Hot inspection system, which is based on laser light-section scan technology and permits contactless testing of surfaces at high temperature. It will also showcase the latest update for its Calipri contact-free measurement system for rails, points, wheels and brakes - the handheld device's new 6.0 software offers improved displays of the measurement cycle through graphics showing the entire vehicle or specific sections.

A range of patented specialist fasteners designed to prevent nut loosening following vibration and settlement are the highlight exhibits for Tracksure, Britain, (Hall 26, stand 120). The products are suitable for a wide-range of track and rolling stock applications, and are now in use in Europe and the United States while John Holland and Genesee & Wyoming are carrying out testing in Australia on both crossings and fishplates. Tracksure will also show its new brake retarder solution which was recently approved by DB Networks.

OTN Systems (Hall 4.1, stand 408) is set to unveil its new XTran product line, which the company says is the first railway-grade communications network based on Multi Protocol Label Switching-Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) technology. The system is a fan-less, compact and DIN rail-mountable modular node family, which according to OTN can interconnect any railway applications over fibre and copper cabling in various topologies. OTN will also show its Open Transport Network and OTN-X3M fibre optic backbone solutions.

Among the highlights for Prose, Switzerland, (Hall 2.2, stand 207) is its latest powered bogie for Rhaetian Railways' (RhB) metre-gauge class Gmf 4/4 diesel-electric locomotives. Prose will also showcase its work to measure the performance of traction equipment including pantographs and catenary wire lifts, a role it recently took over from Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) (CityCube Hall A, stand 206).

In addition to a six-axle Powerhaul diesel locomotive (Track G1/8), GE Transportation (Hall 6.2, stand 501) will showcase its range of locomotive and signalling solutions. It will also present RailConnect 360, a diagnostics tool which analyses operator data from assets and networks to assist them with improving reliability and availability, potentially reducing costs. The system utilises GE's Predix asset performance management software.

UniControls, (Hall 6.2, stand 212) will display its new ELM-101 and ELM-201 series energy meters for rail vehicles, which were certified in July. Suitable for use with single and multiple-system vehicles with ac and dc traction, they measure active and reactive energy and power consumption and recuperation and are among the few certified energy meters of this type available worldwide.

A live LTE network which serves as a preview of Grand Paris' Telecom System for Future Urban Transport (Systuf) project, is the highlight exhibit for Alcatel-Lucent (Hall 4.1, stand 403). The company will also display its converged IP/MPLS and agile optical networks for railways, along with its cloud solutions for onboard connectivity.

Vollert, Germany, (Hall 23b, stand 304) will show for the its new range of hybrid drives for independently-operated shunting robots, which the company says will significantly reduce fuel consumption, and is already in use on a DER 120 unit supplied to the Hatschek cement works in Gmunden, Austria.

Alstom (Hall 3.2, stand 405) is set to unveil the latest version of its Citadis low-floor LRV, which it says is designed to enhance passenger experience, and will include more options allowing greater adaptation to the needs of individual towns and cities. The company will also unveil a new predictive maintenance tool, and new versions of its Atlas ERTMS solution. Outside Alstom will exhibit a Coradia Lint DMU (Track G4/21), a Coradia Continental EMU (Track G4/20), its new H3 hybrid shunter (Track G1/4), and Citadis Compact LRV (Track G1/4). In addition, Trenitalia subsidiary Netinera Germany (CityCube Hall A, stand 204) will show an Alstom Coradia Lint DMU (Track G3/21). Delegates visiting Huber + Suhner, Switzerland, (Hall 2.2, stand 207) can learn more about its Radox inter-vehicle jumper systems which it is delivering to Siemens for its Desiro ML trains for Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) (CityCube Hall A, stand 205).

Huber + Suhner says the robust cable systems are specially configured for the vehicle geometry and train movements to prevent the transitions between the coaches coming under excess stress.

Consolis, France, (Hall 22, stand 305) will showcase its latest track structure innovations, the Smart Sleeper and High Attenuation System, along with existing precast concrete sleepers and bearers, which are available as mono and twin-block sleepers, or as slab track systems.

Depot maintenance equipment supplier Mechan, Britain, (Hall 2.2, stand 206K), which is exhibiting in the British pavilion, will display its patented Megalink controller. The system allows a single operator to set up, raise and lower a large number of units simultaneously, with a 44-jack chain for the 11-car Pendolino trains used on Britain's West Coast Main Line the largest installation to date.

Kilfrost (CityCube Hall A, stand 208) will exhibit its range of de-icing and anti-icing products, with an emphasis on its Kilfrost AGT biodegradable and non-hazardous solution for frozen ballast, which is applicable in temperatures as low as -25oC. The solution's humectant properties mean it is also suitable for dust suppression because it prevents fine particles from becoming airborne and remains effective following water evaporation.

Among the railway braking innovations on show by Knorr-Bremse (Hall 1.2, stand 104) will be the new Brake Pipe Length Estimation (BPLE) system, which uses sensors to measure the volume of air being fed through the train's braking system, offering freight train drivers a fast and easy way to check brake availability along the entire train without leaving their cab. Series production for the entire system is expected to begin by the end of 2015.

Voestalpine, Austria, (Hall 21b, stand 202) will present several new innovations including its heat-treated hypereutectoid steel grade 400 UHC HSH, which combines high hardness properties with resistance to rolling contact fatigue and corrugation. It will also show the new HSH GM-CL grooved rail, a heat-treated steel rail with reduced carbon content, and the latest innovations in rail welding, an area in which the company is looking to expand. VAE's stand will be divided into zones focusing on specific subjects, while it will also demonstrate its system approach to application, which involves delivery of pre-assembled modular components to construction sites with the intention of reducing installation times.

Kirow, Germany, (Hall 26, stand 305) will highlight two 810 Multi Tasker railway cranes and an accompanying tractor vehicle, which will enter service with JR East (CityCube Hall A, stand 404) and JR Central in summer 2015, the company's first order in Japan. Outside Kirow will show its Multi Tasker KRC 1200 solution (Track G3/31/1) for German Rail (DB) (pictured) and its switch tilter for transporting modular switches (Track G3/31/2).

Kapsch CarrierCom, Austria, (Hall 4.1, stand 210) will demonstrate its end-to-end telecoms solutions with emphasis on its new highly secure and private converged OAM cloud network management system, which has been designed specifically for railway operators and can incorporate tools from outside suppliers. It will also exhibit its RC900 and RD900 cab radios, which are being developed in cooperation with Sierra Wireless (Hall 4.1, stand 110); its ETCS over GPRS, and GSM-R security solutions; and the BTS-R base station.

Amsted Rail, United States, (Hall 20, stand 303) will display its Motion Control bogie, which consistently exceeds 1.6 million km in service even on heavy-haul networks. It will also dedicate part of its exhibit to its IONX asset-monitoring platform, while visitors to the stand will also be able to use interactive touch-screens to identify the optimal bogie for their specific needs and location.

Saft, France, (Hall 15.1, stand 205) is set to launch its Ion-Board Regen Lithium-ion traction battery system at the show, which is designed to support regenerative braking, and is hailed by Saft as a step forward in the industrialisation of its Lithium-ion onboard energy storage concept. This system is compatible with various hybrid and catenary-free traction solutions, as well as diesel locomotives, EMUs and LRVs.

Airbus Defence and Space, France, (Hall 11.2, stand 207) is set to display a range of composite carbon fibre sub-assemblies for car body shells and bogie sub-components.

SGS, Britain, (Hall 6.2, stand 103) will outline its range of project delivery services for rail operators, infrastructure managers, and financiers, including for certification, assessment, inspection, and maintenance. In addition the company will highlight its material and product testing services for manufacturers throughout the rolling stock supply chain. New developments for windscreen wiper systems will be shown by Hepworth Rail International, Britain, (CityCube Hall A, stand 509), including automated electrical and mechanical back-up systems which disengage the motor enabling manual operation in the event of a failure. The company will also show its 50Nm locomotive wiper system in 110V and 72V, which eliminates the need for expensive and high-maintenance dc converters.

In addition to ETR 400 (Track G7/20), AnsaldoBreda (Hall 4.2, stand 104) will display a metro train for Copenhagen (Track G8/21) and will present its TSR double-deck regional train, which it is currently supplying to Italy's Lombardy region.

Vogelsang, Germany, (Hall 7.2c, stand 205) will showcase its UICScan rail car identification system, which uses a dual camera to record UIC numbers on passenger vehicles at speeds of up to 80km/h. The system also displays items such as date, time, temperature and speed with the information transferrable via the internet.

LB Foster, United States, (Hall 25, stand 215) will showcase its range of stick and continuous welded rails and other track materials, rail anchors and spikes, CXT concrete sleepers, insulated rail joints, and products for transit applications. Track performance monitoring devices and friction management solutions will also be on display.

Dual-mode shunters Rotrac RR2044 and Rotrac RR2444 are the highlight outside exhibits for Zwiehoff (Track FC/3) which are suitable for pulling respective loads of up to 2000 tonnes and 2400 tonnes. The company will also show its latest road-rail vehicle solutions.

EAO, Britain, (Hall 6.2, stand 204) will show both its new series 57 passenger door button and warning indicator, and a new indicator light to show the status of passenger doors, train toilets, and emergency help points. Each indicator uses 20 LED's for bright uniform illumination.

Trapeze (Hall 2.1, stand 318) will exhibit its range of scalable and modular IT solutions for infrastructure managers, and freight and passenger operators. The software is designed to optimise and streamline network capacity management, timetable planning, staff rostering, resource planning and allocation as well as offer real-time operational control and forecast behaviour of timetables and rolling stock.

Deuta-Werke, Germany, (Hall 4.2, stand 208) will show its range of multifunctional terminals, including its patented Icon-Trust technology which has established it as the sole supplier of SIL3 compliant display solutions.

CSR (Hall 2.2, stand 308) will present its latest rolling stock solutions, including CSR Zhuzhou's low-floor LRV for Guangzhou which utilises supercapacitor technology and works by recharging an onboard bank of supercapacitors during stops at stations. The company will also display models of its latest high-speed rolling stock solutions, including those deploying permanent magnet motors which CSR says could increase transmission efficiency by 3%, and a new hybrid locomotive platform.

Among the highlights for visitors to CNR's (Hall 2.2, stand 309) exhibit will be its diesel locomotives, including the DL class units for KiwiRail in New Zealand, its latest high-speed train technology, and metro rolling stock.

Stierli Bieger, Switzerland, (Hall 26, stand 238) will present its 1200 HE rail bending and straightening machine which has a working force of 120 tonnes and is suitable for use by tongue, flat bottom and groove rails.

Pesa (Hall 4.2, stand 303) will display four vehicles at the outside track area, including its Link DMU (Track G1/1-1) for German Rail (DB), Fokstrot LRV (Track FB/14) for the 1524mm-gauge Moscow tram network, and the 128N JazzDuo (Track G7/21) which is being developed for Warsaw. It will also display its new 111Db Gama diesel locomotive, 10 units of which have been ordered by PKP Intercity, Poland.

Three outside exhibits are the highlights for Polish manufacturer Newag (Hall 3.2, stand 402) including its six-axle Dragon locomotive platform (Track G4/5) which is tailored for its domestic market, the Impuls DMU (Track G4/22) (pictured), and 222M EMU (Track G5/22).

OEM Technology Solutions, Australia, (Hall 6.2, stand 606) will introduce its OEM Cloud system, which is intended to reduce downtime resulting from unscheduled maintenance work. The system organises and generates information about specific equipment which is fed back to the customer via the internet and can lead to the establishment of a more responsive and flexible operating environment.

Lankhorst Engineered Products, the Netherlands, (Hall 21, stand 301) is presenting its KLP plastic sleeper for the first time, which is made entirely from recycled materials. KLP is marketed as an alternative to wooden sleepers following the abolition of creosote oil as a longevity agent.

Aucotec, Germany, (Hall 6.2, stand 102) is premiering its Engineering Base programme for modelling wire applications, with a three-dimensional application allowing the user to determine the length of cables and lines required for a particular system.

A new patented system for loading, transporting and unloading ballast is set to be unveiled by Colmar, Italy, (Hall 26, stand 208). The loading and discharging system consists of a conveyor belt installed on a steel structure, which is connected to a conventional freight wagon, and powered by a remotely-controlled diesel power unit.

ECD Electronic Components, Germany, (Hall 6.1, stand 113) will display for the first time its Sercam Shock solution for remote monitoring of freight wagons. The system utilises GPS/GSM localisation devices to relay via the internet idling and running times, while it deploys a built-in acceleration sensor to supply data on impact and vibrations. A powerful magnet is used to mount the device to the wagon, meaning that it can be retrofitted and is suitable for any wagon type.

Vigier Rail, Switzerland, (Hall 26, stand 224) will present its B06 FS flat sleeper which is set to be adopted by Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) in the next few years and is currently being trialled by German Rail (DB). Suitable for standard and metre-gauge railways, the sleepers feature a wide and flat design which is intended to reduce the contact stress between the track and the ballast, and extend tamping intervals.

Hardface Technology, Australia, (Hall 5.2, stand 228) will premier its Hedkote welding method, which is suitable for both removing rail defects and wear, and to increase rail component's wear resistance. As a result it is suitable for refurbishing worn points and crossings and has been proven to eliminate defects from wheel burns, squats and cracks at a fraction of the cost of replacement on railways with axleloads of up to 32 tonnes.

Among the innovations from Schweizer Electronic (Hall 2.2, stand 207) that will be on show will be its latest track warning system, Minimel Lynx. The solution is designed for simple and quick mounting onto fixed barriers and for use as a wayside warning device.

NxGen Rail, Spain, (Hall 22, stand 703) will display its latest high-speed track inspection systems, which integrate several technologies on the same platform and are designed to provide maintenance planners with a holistic view of the track while operating at line speed and providing feedback in near real-time. NxGen says its train-mounted system is the first high-speed radar system in the world that can penetrate below the track surface.

Thameslink EMU debuts

SIEMENS (Hall 4.2, stand 203, and track F1/20) is set to display five vehicles at the outside display area, including the premiere of three completely-assembled Desiro City EMU cars (Track G1/3) for London's Thameslink cross-city line.
A four-car Avenio LRV (Track G1/20) and a four-car C2 metro train (Track G2/20) for Munich along with a Vectron locomotive (Track G1/21) and a Viaggio Comfort coach (Track G2/21) for Czech Railways (CD) complete its outdoor vehicle displays.
Adjacent to the vehicles, a mock depot (Track F1/20) will showcase the company's predictive maintenance offerings, while inside the company will display a mock-up of its Inspiro metro train for Kuala Lumpur.
In addition experts from the company's Smart Grid division will present intelligent traction supply systems while the mobility and logistics division will exhibit Siemens' latest driverless metro solutions, an integrated mobility platform which aims to make better use of existing resources in congested cities, and Trainguard PTC system for the United States and which is also targeting the African market.

Stadler shows off new designs

A RANGE of new train designs is the highlight for Stadler (Hall 2.2, stand 103) including a 1:20 scale model of its 250km/h EC 250 train for Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) which will operate on the Gotthard route initially between Milan and Basle/Zurich from 2019.
A 1:20 scale model of Stadler Pankow's prototype series 1K train for the Berlin U-Bahn, along with models of the Kiss double-deck EMU for Moscow's Aeroexpress, sleeping cars for Azerbaijan, and the Flirt EMU for Lodz, Poland, will also be on display. In addition visitors to the stand will have the opportunity to visit an interactive area where they can create their own vehicle from the Stadler range, as well as meet representatives of the company's service division, which will be attending the show for the first time.
Outside Stadler will show two Flirt EMUs; a four-car vehicle for Serbian Railways (Track G6/1), and a five-car train for DB Regio (Track G6/2), which is for regional services in Rhineland-Palatinate. A low-floor Metelica LRV for Minsk will also be shown (Track FB/13).

World's fastest train on display

BOMBARDIER's (Hall 2.2, stand 101) highlight outside exhibit is the ETR 400 high-speed train (Track G7/20) which it is currently constructing and delivering in partnership with AnsaldoBreda for Italian State Railways (FS), and when it enters service in 2016 will be the world's fastest production high-speed train.
Other rolling stock on display will include the Twindexx Vario double-deck EMU for German Rail (DB) (Track FB/10), Flexity 2 LRV for De Lijn, Belgium, (Track FB/11), Omneo double-deck EMU (Track G9/20) for French National Railways (SNCF), Innovia monorail concept (Track FB/12), and two Traxx locomotives: Traxx AC with last mile (Track G10/20-1) and Traxx DE ME multi-engined diesel (Track G10/20-2).
Inside the company will show a model of its new Aventra EMU which it is supplying for Britain's Crossrail project, highlight its signalling solutions, and provide an update on its Primove catenary-free power supply system.

Vossloh shows seven vehicles and highlights infrastructure portfolio

IN addition to the mock up of its EuroDual (Track FA/22) and refurbished LRV for Bonn (Track FA/23), Vossloh (Hall 26, stand 310) will exhibit the UK Light (Track G4/17) diesel-electric locomotive, a hybrid variant of its CityLink LRV (Track FB/1), a G6 diesel shunter (Track G4/18), the diesel G12 (Track G1/2), and diesel-electric DE 18 (Track G1/15) locomotives. In addition the company will present for the first time its new rail milling train (Track FA/25).
Inside Vossloh Cogifer will display a flat-groove tram-rail turnout and a conventional points system along with the new BTW system for combating cable theft. The system detects in real-time transmission breaks in electrical cabling and reports to the maintenance centre the exact cut off location and length of wire affected. It will also show the Survaig track diagnostics system (pictured) along with the SnowProtect point heating system and point-setting device Easyswitch-R.
Meanwhile Vossloh Rail Fastenings highlight exhibits are W40 HH and WHHAP for the North American heavy-haul market as well as the new 300 NG fastening system which is designed to prolong the life of concrete sleepers. Vossloh Rail Services will present its high-speed grinding and HSG City concepts.

Swedish companies join forces

SWEDISH rail industry group Swerig (CityCube Hall A, stand 207) is set to host 12 of its 45 member companies, which will present their new products and services.
Among them is AQ Mekatronik which will show its latest component and products for rolling stock, including driver's desks and power supply cabinets, and Cactus Uniview which will highlight its TMS/CTC solutions while updating delegates on upgrades to ERTMS Level 2. Cetwin will display its range of ticket printers and encoders for RFID, barcode and data carriers, Icomera will showcase its range of products for passenger and railway internet connectivity including onboard Wi-Fi solutions, Nordic Ground Support Equipment will show its anti-icing solutions for rolling stock, Kockum Sonics its air and electronic horns for rolling stock, Prover Technology its software for interlocking systems, and Westermo will display its wayside and rolling stock communications equipment.
Other exhibitors include freight wagon repair and maintenance specialist SweMaint, Systecon a provider of services and tools to improve fleet performance, Bo Edin - Univox a supplier of hearing aid solutions, and Elmia Nordic Rail.

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