IRJ's Editorial Team reveals what the leading exhibitors will present at InnoTrans 2022 in Berlin from September 20-23. We have split the article across four separate posts. In this second part we include companies from F-K. Part one (A-E) is available here, part three (L-P) here, and part four (R-Z) here.

Frauscher (Hall 27, stand 270) will present its latest solutions and services that the manufacturer says go beyond its traditional wheel detection and axle-counter solutions. This includes a new system that enables operators to seamlessly integrate train detection data with external information, contributing to smooth, efficient railway operation by enhancing safety, reliability and service to customers while minimising maintenance costs.

Frequentis (Hall 4.1, stand 450) will unveil its Mission X project, which it says will demonstrate how it can contribute to the Future Railway Mobile Communications System (FRMCS) currently under development. Building on its experience of supplying control centre communications systems for the aviation, public safety, defence and maritime markets, Frequentis will highlight its success in delivering 10,000 GSM-R dispatcher terminals for control centres in 25 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Russia, Africa and Australia. Frequentis will be joined at InnoTrans by its innovation partners CNS Solutions, Control Center Apps, Team Technology Management, Mission Embedded and Nemergent Solutions.

Furrer+Frey (Hall 26, stand 250 and Track Area O/120) will display its latest catenary cantilevers which feature just a single insulator, allowing for ease of installation and adjustment, while the live elements are located at a safe distance from the mast. Visitors can also see the ELFF overhead contact line design tool which enables faster planning and design, plus a live demonstration of the version for German Rail (DB).

Furrer+Frey will display its latest catenary cantilevers.

There will also be presentations of how to remove friction from overhead conductor rail suspensions by using rollers as well as a swivel-mounted conductor rail and a method of keeping contact wires cool.

The highlights of Geismar’s (Hall 26, stand 490 and Track Area T04/45) outside exhibit are the new MB8 NEO tamping unit and versatile Runner Wizard, which is based on the Kawasaki Mule. Geismar says the MB8 NEO will eventually replace the MB8 AC, and will offer effective and high-output tamping and the ability to work in turnouts with improved versatility, safety and ease of use. It will also fit a wider range of loader types and will come with an automatic anti-drift braking system. Meanwhile, Geismar says the Runner Wizard is designed to address demand for small, affordable road-rail vehicles to transport personnel and small items of equipment over short distances on and off the track. Also on show will be the Amber-T, a foldable T-shaped trolley which measures and records versine and track geometry data, along with the 100% electric Activion range of small battery-powered machines comprising the Shark abrasive rail saw, the Moray portable tamper, the Marlin coach screwing machine, the AGX retrofit kit, the Barracuda grinding machine, and the Nocturna worksite projector.

Hitachi Rail (Hall 4.2, stand 430) will show off its new Blues tri-mode multiple-unit for Trenitalia at the outside track area (T01/40). The 160km/h train is derived from Hitachi’s Masaccio platform and is equipped with onboard technology designed to optimise the passenger experience. The company will also highlight its new 360Pass smart ticketing app, which it unveiled in Genoa in July, as well as debuting a new product that offers live monitoring of high-speed trains.

As well as promoting its expertise in flash-butt welding, Holland (Hall 26, stand 170) will debut new track measurement products. These include portable inspection systems that allow railways to turn any road-rail vehicle with a standard hitch assembly into a track measurement platform. The Gauge Inspector system provides real-time gauge measurement with onboard visual and audible alerts, while the Track Inspector system provides full track geometry and rail profile measurements.

Holland will debut new track measurement products.

Holland’s newest rail measurement system is the Locomotive UGMS, also known as Autonomous Track Geometry Measurement System or ATGMS, which is equipped with Holland’s Argus track measurement technology (pictured) and mounted on the underside of a locomotive. The system draws its power from the locomotive, reducing operating costs and the number of components to maintain.

Hübner Group (Hall 1.2, stand 120 and Track Area O/220) will showcase products, systems and applications for the rail vehicle market. One of the highlights is the new FX1000pro articulation system for trams, which has high durability and low lifecycle costs. The company will also present new displays and driver assistance systems, as well as new materials for fire protection and sound insulation.

Spanish supplier Ikusi (Hall 4.1, stand 355) will showcase its offer across four product lines: onboard technologies for security and communication as well as train to ground communication, cybersecurity, and passenger information; Smart Maintenance, an AI-based intelligent railway maintenance solution that facilitates predictive maintenance; maintenance services, including the use of digital tools to allow the customer to monitor what is happening; and data aggregation to continuously enhance the service level agreement.

Among its demonstrations, Init (Hall 2.1, stand 440) will present the latest version of its Mobile-ITCS nextGen integrated solution, where an up-to-date user interface in UX design featuring a number of new functions improves dispatcher performance. In addition, Init will display its latest offers in passenger information, including Responseassist, a multi-channel passenger information and information management system, ticketing systems, passenger journey planning and dispatch.

IVU Traffic Technologies (Hall 2.1 stand 630) will invite visitors to see its new IVU.suite rail control centre, which helps ensure passengers are kept up to date with quick, comprehensive and consistent information. IVU’s integrated standard solution provides a fully digital workflow, from timetable planning and incident management to passenger information. Railway companies also benefit from new features such as a map display of vehicle positions and information on their condition.

Klüber Lubrication (Hall 21a, stand 440) will present a range of newly developed and upgraded products aimed at reducing component wear, extending maintenance intervals and simplifying application. To reduce door malfunctions, a major cause of rail service disruption, the new Barrierta L 25 DL Spray has been developed especially for the lubrication of door seals. Also on show is a new generation of wheel bearing greases, which meet requirements over a wide temperature range, varying speeds and under vibration. In addition, the supplier will present lubricants for conventional points, and the locks of the roller-supported points, which are increasingly used as a low-maintenance alternative.

Knick Electronic Measuring Devices (Hall 17, stand 225) will present a world premiere of its new P16800 Speed Signal Doubler, which has been developed to provide reliable speed data for the increasing number of monitoring systems in rail vehicles with no need to install extra sensors at the axle ends. It can be retrofitted to existing vehicles as a way of cost-effectively meeting odometry requirements for ETCS. Knick will also present the P41000AG (Adaptive Gain) transducer which, in addition to regular currents, can also measure high overload currents caused by short circuits or overmoulded motors.

Knorr-Bremse (Hall 1.2, stand 250) will present braking solutions and other rail vehicle systems in three spaces: Ecological Footprint, Traffic Flow, and Train Operation and Maintenance. A fourth area will focus on Smart Solutions, which connects all other systems and subsystems to deliver new functions and services.

Knorr-Bremse's Smart Solutions

Among the product highlights are optimised HVAC and the LifeDrive door system, the supplier’s Digital Freight Train concept, which includes Digital Automatic Couplers, and the electromechanical (EM) brake, which uses brake by-wire technology to transfer braking signals and energy electrically instead of pneumatically. The EM brake is joined by the CubeControl and FlexControl brake control families. In addition, Knorr-Bremse will present its RailServices portfolio for maintenance and intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) services.

Kontron Transportation (Hall 4.1, stand 650) will present its new Radio Access Network (RAN) portfolio which is designed to support the next generation of mobile technologies such as 4G/5G private networks and FRMCS. Complemented by all software core and application solutions, RAN adopts an architecture where the baseband and the radios are separated to allow versatile installation options both indoor and outdoor. The RAN product line delivers specific functionalities such as whitespace for technology coexistence and smooth migration from GSM-R, intelligent handover and FRMCS features set within MCx standards.