IRJ's Editorial Team reveals what the leading exhibitors will present at InnoTrans 2022 in Berlin from September 20-23. We have split the article alphabetically across four separate posts. In this third part we include companies from L-P . Part one (A-E) is available here, part two (F-K) here, and part four (R-Z) here.

LB Foster (Hall 21, stand 250) will showcase its end-to-end track management and performance monitoring solutions. Among them is Total Rail Management, which combines the supplier’s portfolio of high-performance rail products with onboard and trackside friction management solutions.

LB Foster will showcase its end-to-end track management and performance monitoring solutions.

The solution creates a smart interface between conventional track products and intelligent performance monitoring digital technologies, delivering data that improves asset performance, drives cost efficiencies, and enhances safety and security. The manufacturer says this will result in extended asset life and improved asset performance.

Leonard, Bauer & Co (Hall 27, stand 561) will present its range of multisystem speed sensors. The sensors supply supplementary monitoring devices with independent speed signals, meeting requirements for improved safety in rolling stock. Crucially they do not require additional installation space and thanks to galvanic isolation, the sensor provides the necessary speed signals for up to four control systems without feedback. They are also suitable for use with different supply voltages. The sensors support anti-skid protection as well as traction and train control and are suitable for both new vehicles and retrofit projects installing ETCS and CBTC.

Medcom (Hall 17, stand 255) will present its latest SiC technology solutions for all types of vehicles that aim to guarantee improvements in performance and increased energy efficiency. This includes up to 30% lower operating costs of vehicles in urban traffic, up to two and a half months of free vehicle operation a year, 30%-45% less weight and dimensions of devices, greater range and lower battery life. The company has also developed the E-recycler regenerative braking system.

Mechan (Hall 2.2, stand 230G) will present one of the newest additions to its range of jacks for depots: a version designed specifically for the tram and light rail markets. Mechan will also highlight its recently updated jack control system, which offers remote diagnostics via a 4G SIM card and I/O technology. Using a portable panel, synchronised chains of jacks can be raised and lowered safely and efficiently, saving valuable servicing time.

Neo.Net (Hall 6.1, stand 200) will present the FiberCamera video surveillance system, which employs fibre optic data communication and can identify and logically combine information on train signals, pantograph position and hazards on railway crossings.

NetModule (Hall 4.1, stand 410) will showcase its 5G solutions and products to support connectivity from a single source for assets ranging from trains to stationary ticket vending machines and display boards. By using its Connectivity Suite management platform, it is possible to monitor, manage and maintain all routers and gateways integrated in the network in one place. Product highlights include the powerful and robust AP3400 Access Point for rail vehicles, which is able to withstand strong vibration and temperatures ranging from -40°C to 70°C.

Nextsense (Hall 23, stand 560) will present its latest solution for the automated on-track measurement of wheelsets, the Calipri X. The Austrian supplier will also show the Calipri Predictor, an easy-to-use cloud storage and analysis tool for Calipri measurement devices, and Calipri C42, a handheld device for measuring wheelsets, rails and switches.

Norgren (Hall 10.2, stand 210) will showcase its Hydrogen.Ready product and system advancements, which are designed to assist the rail industry’s shift from the use of diesel power. Among the products available to view are manifold and system solutions, including the H2 inlet manifold (pictured), hydrogen ready battery thermal valves and fuel cell manifolds.

Norgren will showcase its Hydrogen.Ready product and system advancements, including the H2 inlet manifold.

It will also show a range of electronic sensors and secondary suspension products as well as the Excelon Plus 84 Series Air preparation system.

Pandrol (Hall 23, stand 250) will present its range of fastening systems, aluminothermic welding and track equipment, electrification products, and its sustainable resilient systems for vibration mitigation.

Pandrol’s innovations include the CD100 Battery clipping machine allowing a single operator to clip and de-clip Pandrol Fastclips.

Innovations on display will include the High Flow Preheater, designed to replace most equipment currently used to raise rail temperature before welding; AutoSeal Moulds, an aluminothermic method of streamlining the welding process where the built-in felt expands during the preheating phase, creating a tight seal between the mould and rail and removing the need for luting with paste or sand while also preventing welding leaks; CD100 Battery clipping machine allowing a single operator to clip and de-clip Pandrol Fastclips; and the Fastclip Baseplate, an assembly providing a captive Fastclip mainly for ballastless track.

Among the highlights for Piper Networks (Hall 7.1b, stand 420) is the world’s first SIL-4 certified ultra-wide band (UWB) train navigation system. The solution makes it possible to track the movement of trains, track vehicles and other rail equipment in real time and at an accuracy of just a few centimetres, even in difficult areas such as in tunnels and overpasses.

PJ Monitoring (CityCube A, stand 230) will showcase its WaggonTracker fully automated brake testing application for freight wagons. The system replaces manual brake check while fulfilling all safety-related regulations in terms of operation and vehicles, offering a time saving of up to 40 minutes for a 500m-long freight train.

PJ Monitoring are at The CityCube A, stand 230.

The results of the brake test are shown on the train driver’s tablet, facilitating one-person operation. Another highlight is the supplier’s mobile measurement technology, which is able to effectively and quickly determine the condition of rails on urban transport systems.

At the outside track area Plasser & Theurer (Hall 26, stand 270 and Track Area T02/60) will show the Unimat 09-4x4/4S Dynamic E³, which it is supplying to DB Bahnbau. The vehicle features the manufacturer’s E³ electric traction system, which will also be deployed on several track vehicles ordered by ÖBB last month. As well as its modular and tailor-made machines, which customers can access via the new ModularCustomising service, Plasser & Theurer will highlight its spare part supply services following the start of test operation at its European Distribution Centre in Linz, Austria, this summer. Customers will also be able to learn about lifecycle enhancement, eco-retrofitting and used machine services.

Representatives of Powerlines (Hall 22, stand 340 and Hall 4.2, stand 150) will promote the company’s infrastructure service offering, including for electrification, power supply, safety and signalling system projects. The Powerlines Group - which also includes Ineo and SCLE SFE - offers services ranging from consulting and engineering to installation and maintenance, as well as product development and sales. Among the highlights for Ineo is Socrat, an overhead contact line monitoring solution, data from which helps to inform maintenance and repair activities.

Powerlines subsidiary Equans (Hall 22, stand 340) will demonstrate how it uses the 5G-enabled centralised connectivity platform supplied by Icomera (Hall 22, stand 340) to provide internet connectivity for transport operators. It will also showcase Navineo, a computer-aided dispatch/automatic vehicle location system, which supports incident reporting, passenger counting and voice over IP (VoIP) communication.

Caterpillar subsidiary Progress Rail (Hall 2.2, stand 130) will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its EMD locomotive and engine brand during the show. The supplier will also highlight its ECM signalling solutions, and offers across infrastructure, rolling stock, and advanced rail technology. Experts will also be on hand to discuss advanced energy and data acquisition solutions as well as asset protection equipment and the supplier’s locomotive and wagon repair and aftermarket offers.